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The EAHAD Psychosocial Professionals Working Group was formed in 2018.
Its purpose is to improve the psychosocial quality of care of patients with haemophilia and allied disorders throughout Europe by enhancing psychosocial services as a core component of comprehensive care and supporting psychosocial research and to form international standards of psychosocial care.
The members of the working group are:

Dr Lotte Haverman
Paediatric PsychologistEmma Children’s Hospital, AmsterdamThe Netherlands
Dr Gaby Golan
Senior Medical and Clinical PsychologistTel Aviv Medical University, Tel AvivIsrael
Christina Burgess
(ex-officio) (Secretary)
CEOHaemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Counselling Association, LondonUnited Kingdom
Petra Bučková Clinical PsychologistUniversity Hospital, BrnoCzech Republic
Dr Ana Torres-Ortuño Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine in University of Murcia, MurciaSpain
Karen Vandenabeele Clinical PsychologistUZ Leuven Hospital, LeuvenBelgium