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The EAHAD Women and Bleeding Disorders Working Group was formed in September 2018 with a mandate of two years. Its three aims are:
1) gather, concentrate and disseminate knowledge amongst European healthcare providers on the diagnosis and treatment of women-specific bleeding symptoms in inherited bleeding disorders;
2) define research priorities within the European medical society regarding women with inherited bleeding disorders;
3) diminish misdiagnosis and under treatment of women with bleeding disorders in Europe.
The group is expected to have a maximum of 7 members, including nurse and patient representatives. The initial members of the working group are:

Dr Karin van GalenHaematologistVan Creveldkliniek, UMC UtrechtNetherlands
Prof Rezan KadirConsultant GynaecologistRoyal Free Hospital, London United Kingdom
Dr Roseline d’OironHaematologistHopital Bicetre, ParisFrance