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An update on the EAHAD Databases of Clotting Factor Variants

By Christopher Ludlam, Chairman, Steering Group


The EAHAD databases of genetic variants in clotting factors VII, VIII, IX and VWF continue to be very popular with clinicians and researchers from around the world. Our curators strive to keep the records up to date and to provide detailed, additional clinical information about, for example, the presence of inhibitors. The provision of molecular models revealing the site of variation is particularly useful, as demonstrated in the figure below.

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New EAHAD Membership website – Providing answers to your questions

Are you a member of the EAHAD community? If yes, then you need to check out the newly launched EAHAD Membership website. By logging in with your individual username and password, you will have at your fingertips answers to all your questions like:

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Prof Cedric Hermans appointed new Editor-in-Chief of Haemophilia

This week, Wiley appointed Prof Cedric Hermans as the new Editor-in-Chief, of Haemophilia, the official journal of EAHAD. Prof Hermans, EAHAD’s Past-President, replaces Prof Michael Makris and Dr Craig Kessler, who step down from their editorial posts this month and at the end of the year, respectively.


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EAHAD-EHC Joint Statement on novel non-replacement therapies

For the past three decades, haemophilia A and B patients have been treated using FVIII and FIX replacement concentrates. These therapies are well known to clinicians and patients.


A promising new era has now begun in the treatment of haemophilia and rare bleeding disorders. A series of novel, non-replacement therapies are becoming available, which may significantly impact the clinical care and quality of life of patients. The European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD) and the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC) welcome all novel therapies that have a meaningful impact on patients’ treatment, care and quality of life.

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