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EAHAD’s Psychosocial Group looks into the future of psychosocial care

Continuing their pursuit of building a community of psychologists and social workers involved in the bleeding disorders field in Europe, the EAHAD Psychosocial Professionals Working Group will dedicate the third and final part of their EAHAD 2020 Pre-Congress Day Programme to a brainstorming session on building a network of European peers and colleagues.
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Save the date! – EAHAD 2020 in The Hague from 5-7 February

The EAHAD 2020 Annual Congress will take place in The Hague, Netherlands, from 5 to 7 February 2020 at the World Forum congress centre.


Congress President Prof. Karin Fijn van Draat, with the support of the Congress Organising Committee, has put together an insightful programme, full of interesting sessions on the most pressing issues in haemophilia and bleeding disorders care today. With the theme “A Golden Age for Treatment Choice”, the programme pays homage to Dutch history and the legacy of 17th century art on display in The Hague, while highlighting the exciting period we find ourselves in in terms of haemophilia treatment and the many considerations that clinicians and patients must take into account.
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The EAHAD Coagulation Factor Databases – now at a new location

By Christopher Ludlam, Chairman, and Geoffrey Kemball-Cook, Secretary, EAHAD-DB Coagulation Factor Variant Database Steering Group


The EAHAD Coagulation Factor Databases have recently been enhanced with new features and a greatly increased number of listed variants. The databases are now hosted at a new address and you are encouraged to visit the site and review the variant lists, clinical information, and a host of additional information about the individual clotting factors, including comprehensive references and graphic display on molecular models of the site of variants.
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Welcome to the two new PT Committee members

In April 2019, the EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee launched a call for applications for two new members. The number and quality of the applications received was high and, after careful consideration, the Committee chose Magnus Aspdahl, from Sweden, and Nathalie Grinda, from France, to join the existing members of the group.
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In memory of Jørgen Ingerslev (1942 – 2019)

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Professor Jørgen Ingerslev earlier this month.


Prof. Ingerslev was a world leading specialist in the haemophilia and bleeding disorders field. Recognised for his knowledge and dedication to his profession, he had an extensive output of research publications and was a frequent speaker at conferences and symposia around the world.
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EHC’s 1st Conference on Women and Bleeding Disorders – a recap

The European Haemophilia Consortium’s (EHC) inaugural Conference on Women and Bleeding Disorders took place in Frankfurt, Germany, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 May. It brought together close to 150 delegates, including patient representatives from around 30 countries.
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