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Call for Applications: Psychosocial Professionals Committee


Virtual and voluntary

Deadline for application

27 February 2023

EAHAD is inviting a psychologist or social worker active in the haemophilia and bleeding disorders field to join its Psychosocial Professionals Committee. The position is for a three-year term that would begin in 2023.

If you are interested in applying, please send a short letter of motivation (maximum 300 words) outlining why you wish to be a part of the working group. Please also include in the letter the following information:
• Full name
• Haemophilia Treatment Centre you are affiliated with
• Number of years working with people with bleeding disorders
• Whether you work with children, adults, or both
• Specific areas of interest in the field of bleeding disorders

Please send your letter to by Monday 27 February 2023

It will be carefully considered by the current members to select the applicant whose profile and motivations best fit with the committee’s current composition.

Please note that in order to be considered for a place on the Psychosocial Professionals Committee, you must:
• be a registered psychologist or social worker,
• be able to speak and read English at an intermediate or higher level, and
• be working in haemophilia-related services and preferably be participating in
advanced psychosocial care activities

Psychosocial Professionals Committee membership offers an opportunity to contribute to the development and implementation of psychosocial care and inter-professional EAHAD projects and events, including the EAHAD Congress Allied Health Professionals Day. Members of the Psychosocial Professionals Committee are expected to actively participate in the work of the group, including attending 2-3 in-person committee meetings per year.

We estimate the average amount of work required to fulfill these duties is ½ day per month.

For more information on the work of the Committee, please click here.

You can download the Call for Applications (PDF) here.

Should you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact Diana Carbonero at