Consensus meeting on haemophilia nursing guidelines

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Consensus meeting on haemophilia nursing guidelines

On 20 April, EAHAD’s nurses committee gathered in Utrecht, the Netherlands for a consensus meeting on guidelines for haemophilia nursing care in Europe. Four experts joined the committee to develop and achieve consensus on three EU nursing guidelines.


The following draft guidelines were discussed:

  1. Intravenous administration of clotting factor (peripheral infusion and CVAD)
  2. Education of self-management skills for patients with a bleeding disorder
  3. Nursing care during surgery on a patient with a bleeding disorder

Prior to the meeting, the group scanned the literature and collated national/ local protocols. The protocols were then judged using the AGREE II (Appraisal of Guidelines for Research & Evaluation, a tool for assessing guidelines) and differences between the protocols were outlined.


During the meeting, the experts explored the discrepancies in order to achieve consensus based upon the best available evidence. The nurse’s committee will now work to finalize the guidelines and seek endorsement from the EAHAD executive committee.


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