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EAHAD-DB F7 Variant Database now available

by Christopher Ludlam, Chairman, EAHAD-DB Coagulation Factor Variant Database Steering Group*


The EAHAD-DB F7 Variant Database is now up on the web and is available.


This has been a major project for the EAHAD-DB Steering Group as the level of complexity is much greater than for variants in the F8 and F9 genes which result in haemophilia A and B. This is partly because there are two F7 genes per cell (being an autosomal disorder) and also because factor VII plasma levels are associated with some common polymorphisms.


We are very proud of this development and we think the site is very smart! We are particularly in debited to Dr Pavi Rallapalli, Dr Muriel Giansily-Blaizot, Professor John McVey and Dr Geoff Kemball-Cook who have put a great deal of effort into supporting this project and bringing it to fruition.


I would encourage you to visit the site and look at the wide range of information on factor VII that is available in addition to a listing of the variants (and where possible their visualisation on a model of the molecule).


Dr Giansily-Blaizot is the Lead Curator for this database. She would be pleased to receive feedback and suggestions for its improvement.


We would encourage you to review the site at www.factorvii.org and explore its wealth of information and many facilities for yourself.



*EAHAD-DB is the organisation under EAHAD which constructs and maintains publicly-accessible coagulation factor variant databases on the web.