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EAHAD’s aims are, and have always been, ensuring the provision of high-quality clinical care, educating the medical community and the general public, and promoting scientific research. Our goal is to be a platform where communication, knowledge exchange, and expertise can thrive.


To this end, the EAHAD committees and working groups have established their respective networks. Their purpose is to connect colleagues working in the specialised area of haemophilia and bleeding disorders, build relationships, develop a pool of experts, and raise the level of care for the benefit of all patients across Europe.


The EAHAD networks are:


The European Physiotherapists Network


The European Nurses Network


The EAHAD Psychosocial Professionals Network


The EAHAD Women and Bleeding Disorders Network


If you are working in any of the fields covered by the EAHAD networks and would like to learn more about and get involved in their work, you can sign up to join by clicking on the links above.


If you have any questions regarding the networks and their activities, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@eahad.org.