Elena Boccalandro

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Regional Coordinator, Italy



Angelo Bianchi Bonomi Haemophilia & Trombosis Centre, Milan, Italy (since 1999)


– Physiotherapy (1994)
– Osteopathy (1999)
– Postural training (2008)


– F.O.R.T.E.: Creator and teacher of the 1st and 2nd national courses for physiotherapist working with haemophilia patients (2009-2010)
– SPRINT Project: with Italian Haemophilia Association
– Regular speaker at principal haemophilia centres in Italy
Recent Activities (2018 Update)
– “EOS – Excellence Training Programme” Multidisciplinary training for patients with haemophilia (post surgery) in Milan, Italy (November 2018)
– Publication of article on “Usefulness of bone microarchitectural and geometric DXA-derived parameters in haemophilic patients” in Haemophilia Journal (August 2018)
– Rehabilitation protocol on exergames for home rehabilitation for children with haemophilia in Milan, Italy (2018)
– “FITlosophy” manual therapy workshops in Bologna, Bari and Genova, Italy (2018)
– “HAEMODOL” workshop on pain assessment in haemophilia in Milan, Italy (April 2018)