European Haemophilia Safety Surveillance (EUHASS) adverse event reporting:

EUHASS is a pharmacovigilance programme to monitor the safety of treatments for people with haemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders in Europe. It started in 2008 and currently has 80 centres reporting from 26 European countries caring for almost 30,000 people with bleeding disorders.

  • The following events are prospectively collected:
  • Allergic or other acute events
  • Transfusion transmitted infections
  • Inhibitors
  • Thromboses
  • New cardiovascular events
  • New malignancy diagnoses
  • Deaths

Data are submitted anonymously.

EUHASS is part of the EUHANET project which has 60% of its funding from the European Commission while the rest will be raised from the pharmaceutical industry. (Companies funding EUHANET will have no involvement in the design or execution of the project.)

For more details about EUHASS see the website:

The map below shows the location of participating centres. (Where centres are close together, e.g. in the same city, it is not easy to show them separately on a map of this scale.)