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The Netherlands

Greta Mulders is a Nurse Practitioner and Study Coordinator who has worked in haemophilia and bleeding disorders care since 2003. In 2010, she received her master’s on Advanced Nursing Practice. Her thesis also became her first publication: “E-learning improves knowledge and practical skills in haemophilia patients on home treatment: a randomized controlled trial”.


As a Nurse Practitioner she dedicates her focus on patient care, multidisciplinary innovation, nursing research and article publications. However, teaching, consulting, improving evidence-based practice and the quality of life (QOL) of her adult patients, registered at the Heamophilia Treatment Center in Rotterdam is her first priority. A very rare disorder such as haemophilia require motivated nurses who play a key role in promoting patient adherence, whether or not involved in clinical trials.


Greta is a board member of the Dutch Association of Haemophilia Nurses and a member of the Advanced Nursing forum of the Erasmus Medical Center.