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Linda Myrin Westesson is a haemophilia nurse specialist at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Since attaining her qualification in nursing from the University of Gothenburg in 1993, Dr Myrin Westesson has subsequently achieved a bachelor’s degree in nursing education (1999), a master’s degree (2012) and a PhD (2019) in Health Care Sciences from the same institution. Her PhD research focused on perceived burden, experiences of learning processes and illness management in parents of children with haemophilia. Dr Myrin Westesson has several publications in peer-reviewed journals.


As a haemophilia nurse specialist at the EHCCC center, her work varies greatly, ranging from independently leading the nurse clinic to coordinating clinical and academic trials. She is involved in the care of both children and adults with haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders. Furthermore, she is engaged in the steering committee for the “Swedish National Registry for Bleeding Disorders” and is a member of the working group that publishes the “Nordic Hemophilia Guidelines”.