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Register for the Pre-congress Day for Nurses and Physiotherapists

EAHAD is keen to develop interactions between all members of the multidisciplinary team involved in care of patients with haemophilia.


For several years now, the Executive Committee of EAHAD has included the chair of the EAHAD Nurses Committee as an ex-officio representative, and this has been followed last year with the addition of the chair of the newly formed EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee.


Following the success of the lunchtime meetings for nurses and physiotherapists in the last couple of years, a Pre-Congress Day focused upon European nurses and physiotherapists involved in haemophilia care is currently being organised for Tuesday, January 31st, the day before the launch of the Paris 2017 EAHAD congress. The combined morning session will stress on the specific skills of nurses and physios, based on practical cases and theoretical presentations on clinical aspects, emphasizing the role of interactions among all the members of the haemophilia treatment centre. The afternoon will allow the nurse committee and the physio committee separately to focus on their specific programme. In the spirit of collaborative care, there will also be some available places for a number of interested physicians.


The emphasis of the pre-congress day is educational, but also to create a forum for the sharing of expertise and the development of collaborative research activities. The idea is not only to provide an event for the European nurses and physios but also to promote participation of nurses and physios from the host country to interact with their respective international colleagues. To assist this objective English/French translation will be provided throughout the day.


The organisation for French nurses in haemophilia (FIDEL’HEM, about 50 nurses) has already been informed of the day and many have already declared their enthusiasm to take part into this unique educational opportunity. Similarly the developing group of French physios in haemophilia (currently around 20 physios) which is actively preparing their own national meeting this autumn is thoroughly looking forward to this event. Expected number of attendees is at least 70 and may reach 100.


To show the commitment of physicians to this important project, both the president of EAHAD, Cedric Hermans and the president congress 2017, Roseline d’Oiron will actively contribute to that day.


For more information on this day and to register, please visit the EAHAD 2017 Congress website.