Scope of practice of haemophilia physiotherapists: A European survey

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“Scope of practice of haemophilia physiotherapists: A European survey” was developed by the EAHAD Physiotherapists Committee in 2018. In March of that year, the Committee conducted a web‐based survey to quantify the role and scope of practice of physiotherapists involved in haemophilia care. It was sent to more than 200 physiotherapists registered on the EAHAD database. Questions concerned their work practices including assessment and treatment activities, as well as their level of autonomy.
With responses from eighty physiotherapists from twenty‐four European countries, the results showed considerable diversity in physiotherapists’ roles, responsibilities, and clinical practice. The heterogeneity was particularly evident in patients’ access to and type of physiotherapy treatment provided, as well as the skill set and autonomy of physiotherapists to make independent assessment and treatment decisions.
The authors of the survey arrived at four key recommendations:
1. A pan‐European network to support collaboration and education for physiotherapists working in haemophilia should be established.
2. The development of a core skills and capability framework to ensure person‐centred approaches is central as is working in partnership with those with the condition to maximize early recovery, support self‐management, and enable them to remain active and independent.
3. Regular training, standardized validation, and maintenance of competency for assessment tools are crucial.
4. Well‐designed randomized clinical studies with larger numbers of participants from multiple sites should be the focus of future research.
The survey was submitted to Haemophilia in December 2018 and was published in March 2019. Access to the article is free. It can be consulted and downloaded here.