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Update from EAHAD’s Nurses Committee

The EAHAD Nurses Committee is busy with a number of exciting ongoing projects.

EAHAD 2016: Again this year the nurses committee will participate in the interactive Multidisciplinary Educational Session held on the first morning of the Congress.  Siri Gronhaug will present this year on behalf of the nurses and is working in collaboration with hematologists, a physiotherapist, and a psychologist.

The Nurses Committee will also organise a lunch session in Malmo, which will provide an opportunity for nurses and other allied health professionals to share their work with their peers in an informal setting.

Nurses Curriculum: In Malmo, the nurses are excited to present on the European curriculum for nurses working in haemophilia, which was recently published in Haemophilia.

Guidelines for Haemophilia Nursing: Work is already underway on the development of guidelines for haemophilia nursing care. The project will bring in the expertise of nurses from around Europe as well as that of a patient representative. Nurses working in Europe who are interested in collaborating on this project are invited to contact Marlies Schrijvers at: L.H.Schrijvers-3@umcutrecht.nl